2D geometric transformations 1

My solution will continue on with the fine work that was done on pg.netgraphics.sk. There we have two separate applets, one for translation and one for rotation. User is able to click into the area of the applets and by doing so, the applet changes so that it reflects the point that was selected by a click. There is also a simple desctiption of the function that the applet emulates and also the matrix that is used for the calculations of the output image.

In my applet, that will be created from the original ones, I will merge both applets into a larger one. Another nice idea is to impletent these changes in some funny, playable way, like a simple game. User should be able to select from a repository of objects, and place copies of the chosen object into the workspace. He should also be able to select any of the previously placed objects and do some changes, like change type of the object, move it to another position or rotate the object.


Applet 2D geometric transformations. Author Stanislav Jursa

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