The transmission of basic graphic output  elements - entities (lines, circles, curves, areas and text strings) into a sequence of picture points is called rasterization.

At work output device is used that work generally with raster graphics. A basic constructional element (an atom of a picture) in raster graphics is a point, from which all graphic objects are constructed. An example of an output device can be a computer display. That consists also of raster (point) screen.

During rasterization of objects certain error happens, which is caused by the fact that a point is the smallest display unit and so displayed points having non-real number co-ordinates must be rounded off.

Example: Co-ordinates of the point (12.7, 8.2) must be rounded off and displayed as (13, 8).


Applet Drawing point, in corner right bottom are co-ordinates current point

Drawing Pixel


Applet Draw Pixel. With left mouse button you can add pixel into plane, press left mouse button- you can select new area rectangle, press right mouse for return back. Author Daniel Krajc

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