Bezier surfaces 2


Applet Drawing point, in corner right bottom are co-ordinates current point. Author: Matej Hudak

Bezier Applet

Assignment of project: Bezier surface represented by java applet Bezier surfaces were first described in 1972 by the French engineer Pierre Bezier who used them to design automobile bodies. In my applet I defined 2 classes. First main class bezierApplet where I defined some buttons and actions. I?m using JButtons for better presentation. Second class is for calculations and drawing Bezier surface. There are some methods to care about points, drawing lines between points and shift with points. Algorithm created array of points which are control points to Bezier surface. Then it draws lines between points. I can change z axis of each point, and surface will be change too. I can change number of lines, zoom surface in and out. And I can rotate surface in 2 ways, so I can see Bezier in point of view which I want to see. I can also turn off or turn on render quality (RQ). I?m using render with ant aliasing and better render quality, also I?m using better quality of presentation points in space, and I?m calculating their color so it seems they are in 3D not just in 2D.