Bresenham algorithm for a line 2

Cardinal spline


Applet At the start, there will be by default a cardinal spline with five points drawn. You can remove a point by right clicking on it. Point can be added by clicking on the canvas. Points can be moved by dragging. A point can be added between two points by clicking with middle button. There will be also a slider to adjust the tension of the spline. By every edit the cardinal spline will be redrawn. There is a control panel on the right side of the panel, where one can set what to show on the screen. There is also some help present. By adding applet on site it can by adjusted by two parameters: showControls and showBezierVectors The values can be set to true or false. Parameter showControls is set by default to true and showBezierVectors is by default set to false. Author Chládek Michal

Source code