Color choosing


Applet COLOR CHOOSING Author: Tomas Palkovic

This applet is supposed to vizalize 3 color models. RGB (red, green, blue), CMY (cyan, magenda, yellow) and HSV (hue, saturation, value). It is ment for educaitonal uses.

What it does:
It enables user to pick a color in two different ways and this way show the user how each color model works. By clicking and dragging a cross displayed on color palette, user is enabled to pick a color visualy. Different aproach to choose a color is implemented by allowing user to move scrollbars in defined range. Each of this two ways to pick a color influences the other one, so the user sees color and corresponding values in RGB, CMY and HSV color models. This way the numeric and visual information is connected clearly and allows user to understand the process of color creation in computer.